Welcome to Omnia!

Omnia is a creative “family”, where all craftsmen in it, love and respect to the fullest the materials and techniques they use and specialize in.

We undertake the creation of custom – made pieces, based on your desire, while always having in mind the best possible result.

The materials we mainly use are metal, bronze, aluminium, copper, glass and wood. There is no limit, however, since it all depends on the case and the construction is tailored solely to the customer’s wish – the only limit is your imagination!

Our Mission

Our main goal is the absolute satisfaction of the customer and the achievement of the best possible combination between the uniqueness that a handmade construction provides and the high quality that our experience offers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be able to convey our love for the custom-made construction and to show you the charm and the heart-warming feeling that a “handmade” creation gives, through the excellent quality we offer.


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We invite you to discover yourselves the Omnia world and to trust us in creating the pieces you always had in mind and haven’t yet realized.

Unique Integrated Solutions

Tell us your idea and we will make it reality, by using exclusively first quality materials and taking advantage of our creativity, experience and know-how to perform an excellent result!